Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Explosions In The Sky

Nor this. Ah, the memories.....

Groove Armada - Pre 63

Damn, I haven't listened to this in forever.



Uploaded by greenfaace. - See more comedy videos.

The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

When I was younger, I used read about this kind of funk all the time.

As of lately....

I've been rediculously busy, and things are only going to be getting even more intense the next few months. I was really doing my best to update this blog daily, and I was doing quite well at being consistent with that goal. However, should I ever miss any days due to my lack of free time, I will simply make up for it the next available moment that I get, by posting double, or whatever the situation calls for, aside from being usual spontaneous self, and pretty much posting as I please. In my humble opinion, limitations and restrictions are for the weak. Apart from all that, posting on here not only serves as a reminder of all the sites and knowledge that I've come across on the internet through the years, but it also keeps me stimulating my own mind, while stumbling upon righteous new experiences.

I've been thinking about sharing some of writings on here. We'll see....

Do what you love. Settle for nothing less.

Dropping Knowledge