Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Banksy - Leopard

Banksy is a British graffiti artist, known for his highly satirical artwork.
If you're not familiar with Banksy's work click below immediately.

(I'm not a huge fan of wikipedia, but this is actually very well written.)


My favorite Banksy work: Get it?

Now check out this video and look up other examples of his work.

Know of any artists that I should check out? Feel free to enlighten me.

The Surreal Bowl ~ http://www.thesurrealbowl.blogspot.com/

TED.com - The Digital Universe Atlas

Whenever I can actually find the time, I hop on TED.com. There is so much knowledge on this site. I highly suggest you visit it as often as possible. A 3D atlas of the known universe? Yes, this is when my inner nerd emerges....

The Surreal Bowl ~ http://www.thesurrealbowl.blogspot.com/